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Stock Room Clerks Utility Workers

    January 18, 2021

Stock Clerk Duties and Responsibilities
Record inventory data manually or on a computer or handheld electronic device
Document discrepancies between inventory records and physical counts of stock
Receive, count, and verify incoming orders
Label stock items with labeling equipment such as identification tags or stamps
Pack and unpack items for storage in stockrooms, storage yards, or warehouses
Operate machinery for moving stock items
Process shipping requests, requisitions, or purchase orders
Distribute products or materials to store shelves, co-workers, or customers
Assist and direct other stock workers in their daily duties
Coordinate with co-workers to accomplish large tasks efficiently
Process damaged or defective stock per company protocol
Report malfunctioning or damaged stock-handling equipment to management
Maintain accurate records of contracts, purchase orders, and requisitions
Prepare documents and reports for transactions or regulatory compliance
Comply with safety regulations for moving heavy objects and using machinery
Keep the stock room neat and orderly
Inventory stock of materials, supplies, parts, and merchandise

Stock Clerk Requirements and Qualifications
A high school diploma or GED required
Minimum of six months’ experience in stocking, shipping, logistics, or related field
Exceptional organizational skills
Strong interpersonal communication
Written and oral comprehension skills
Able to complete tasks with little to no direct supervision
Able to work quickly and accurately in a complex, fast-moving environment
Physically able to stand and walk for extended periods of time
Physically capable of routinely bending to lift and move items up to 50 pounds

OPS is an Equal Opportunity and Veteran Friendly employer. We'll provide reasonable accommodations with the application process upon your request. If you have a disability and require assistance in the application process, please visit your nearest OPS Branch or contact Human Resources at +1 904-738-8262.